02 Jun 2016

Localization Processes Forum VII – LocWorld Dublin 2016

The depth of localisation is growing. From complex workflows with automated language processing to complex multilingual review cycles, localisation is dealing with deeper and more complex problems than ever before. Savvy project management is key to success, from the innovative flavors of Agile to institutionalized methodologies such as PRINCE2 and waterfall. Workflows are crystallized and fragmented, and  often involve challenges for all actors struggling with the variability of translation management and localization processes across different clients and teams. These challenges […]

05 Jul 2015

Localisation Processes Forum Retrospective: LocWorld Berlin 2015

A retrospective look on key takeaways of the fifth edition of the Localisation Processes Forum held at LocWorld Berlin 2015. 1. Setting the stage Berlin is a city aware of its uneasy and pivotal history: the bustling atmosphere is one of ominous recognition of its past, coupled with proud excitement over the city’s development, and even its landmarks carry that mark. Checkpoint Charlie is such a landmark, one that is as conspicuous as it is deceivingly discrete: a small shack […]

05 Mar 2015

Taming the Talent: Why Traditional Education Fails (Mostly)

At a recent event, I had the opportunity of meeting a group of staff working at a startup venturing into machine translation. The team included a small excitable Danish who was into taking sentences apart like old gift wrapper, an approachable American manager who appreciated golf and heavy drinking, and a Finnish coder who had belonged to an international hacker group. The common point between these people? None of them had received any formal training in machine translation or its immediate counterpart, natural […]

31 Aug 2014

Agile Localization: When QA Is Not an Option

  When creating a test strategy, you have to accurately define the QA processes and their integration in the lifecycle. An early involvement and understanding of specs, requirements and the product scope will feed the production of an accurate test matrix, complete with pre-as- sumed configurations and locales, starts at the User Story creation level, where the product scope actually materializes. At its drafting, the User Story already needs to already integrate localizability and internationalization concerns, by way of specific […]

06 Nov 2013

Agile Localization: A Strategic Peer

Agile has been one of the most hotly debated topics in the software development world and has spun a complex web of development strategies and “management 3.0” theorizing. However, Agile Localization and its lack of standardization continues to be an issue, namely in companies that have traditionally hermetic departments and a lack of communication embedded in the corporate culture. Since I have been linked with Agile for 4 years now, with a good background in both its theory and applications, […]